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Korean Language Program
  Program Overview
This course is designed to offer Korean language instruction to overseas Koreans and foreigners who have completed high school. Before instruction starts, students take a placement test for proper placement. Instructors with at least a master’s degree in the humanities or social sciences and experienced in teaching Korean language will use various audio-visual materials for interactive education. In addition, our program of Korean cultural exploration will provide good opportunities to understand Korean culture.
  4semesters per year : 10 weeks of classes, plus cultural activities every semester
  4x1-hour classes per day, 5 days per week : 200 hours of language instruction per semester
※ Daegu Campus offers weekday airport pickup that can be arranged in advance for groups.
  Application qualification
  Students or other persons who are interested in Korean Language.
  Students or other persons who have no criminal record.
  Korean Language Courses
  Student-Centered Learning with a Systematic Curriculum
- A total of 6 levels designed to correspond to students’ development
- Advanced placement tests to match students’ abilities
- Systematic courses reflect learners’ needs considering the characteristics of Korean
- Integrated language courses include speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, expressions and comprehension
- Intimately connecting Korea and Korean culture with textbooks and lesson plans
- Greater than 90% of graduates of Korean language courses go on to study their undergraduate degree at KNU
  Comfortable and Effective Educational Environment
- A limit of 15 students per class
- Active and interesting multimedia learning techniques used in classrooms
- Homeroom teachers’ grading and general counseling
  Excellent Staff of Instructors
- Instructors who have years of work experience and advanced degrees in the field of language education
- Invested effort in developing effective teaching methods based on varied research activities and teacher-enrichment workshops
  Support of Students’ Acclimation and Learning Process
- Offer scholarships to the top 40% of students each semester
- Prize award system for superior students each term
- Assign caregiver to help new students adapt to educational environment
- Support for attending international students events at Korean universities as well as Korean language contests
  Diverse Activities to Experience Korean Culture
- To help understand Korean history, culture, and life, numerous opportunities are provided to the students.
- Field trips to historic sites and major corporations
- Traditional Korean cooking classes
- Trips to water slide park (summer), snow sled park (winter), and strawberry farms
  Recruiting Calendar (2012)
  Language Training visa (D4) applicants must register two months prior to the semester. However, visa owners must apply at least
   two weeks prior to opening of the class.
Term Application
Payment of
Tuition Fee
Level test
Spring 01.13 01.20 02.22 02.27 03.02 03.05
Summer 04.13 04.20 05.23 05.25 06.01 06.04
Fall 07.13 07.20 08.22 08.27 08.31 09.03
Winter 10.12 10.19 11.21 11.26 11.30 12.03
※ Schedules above may be changed according to unforeseen situation.
  Regular Programs (2012)
Quarter Duration Break
Spring 03.05 (Mon) ~ 05. 12(Sat)
※ Placement tests: 02.27
05.13 ~ 06.03
Summer 06. 04(Mon) ~ 08. 11(Sat)
※ Placement tests: 05.25
08.12 ~ 09.02
Fall 09.03(Mon) ~ 11. 10(Sat)
※ Placement tests: 08.27
11.11 ~ 12.02
Winter 12.03(Mon) ~ 2013. 02.09(Sat)
※ Placement tests: 11.26
2013. 02.10 ~03.03
※ Schedules above may be changed according to unforeseen situation.
  Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships
  Application Fee : $60/person
  Tuition : 1,200,000 KRW for 1 semester , also includes educational materials and cultural activities.
※ Single payment of tuition required
※ Those who enter Korea Holding a Language Training visa (D4) are eligible for admission only if they enroll for at least 2 semesters
   at KNU.
  Insurance : 180,000 KRW for 1 year with AIG health insurance
  Scholarships will be awarded differently to outstanding students who rank within the top 40% at the end of each semester
   according to the students test scores. To qualify for the scholarship, candidates in the top 40% should have obtained a score
   greater than 75.
  Payment Account
  Account Holder : Kyungpook Univ

  Bank Name : Daegu Bank

  Swift Address(Code) : DAEBKR 22

  Account Number : 218-10-000668
※ The exchange rate is according to the rate at the time of payment.
    (Due to the floating rate in Korea, the exchange rates will fluctuate.)
※ Payment should be in the name of the applicant.
※ Personal checks not accepted.
※ Write the applicant’s name on the deposit slip or the receipt after
    the remittance, and send it to the Language Institute by Fax or e-mail.
※ Contact us for more details :
    E-mail : Tel : +82-53-950-7535 Fax : +82-53-950-6724
  Required Documents
  Common Documents
1. Completed Application Form for Korean Language Course
2. Study Plan (written in Korean or English)
3. Bank Statement showing at least USD3,000.00
4. A Copy of a passport and Alien Registration card (if you have)
5. 3 passport photos (3 x 4cm)
※ Forms for 1~2 can be requested by e-mail.
※ If you register for a course during your stay in Korea, the registration and documentation process is simple.
  Additional Documents may be required.
1. The academic certificate/ transcript of final degree from current school
2. Sponsor’s Certificate of Employment
3. Sponsor’s Certificate of Tax Payment
4. Copy of Full Birth Certificate
5. Proof evidence of current employment and career (only for those applicable)
※ Additional documents should be notarized original document & translated in English.
※ All submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.
  Admission Procedure
1. Students submit applications and required documents for admission to the university, and deposit the application fees
    (only for Language Trainings visa applicants)
2. The university will review the documents, make admissions decisions, and announce the results by mail.
3. Students pay the tuition.
4. After confirmation of students' registration, the university will send the college acceptance letters to the students.
5. Students can apply for a visa with the college acceptance letters in the Korean Embassy.
6. Enter Korea and begin Korean Language Courses
  Visa Information
  Language Training Visa, D-4
This visa is for a student who is going to study a foreign language. After receiving the admission documents from the language institute, apply to the embassy for a visa. Processing of the visa application takes approximately one month and the visa is usually valid for 6 months. If you want to study longer, register at the institute and present your certificate of enrollment to the embassy for the extension / renewal of your visa.
  If you wish to stay in Korea for a longer time, after receipt of tuition fees your residency status can be changed to qualify for
   a General Student Visa.
  Postponement, Cancel, Refund
A. Postponement
- In the event that you cannot participate in the study and training owing to personal reasons, it will be possible to apply for
  postpone until the next semester. Please present an acceptable reason to explain why failure to participate is for a reasonable
  cause at least one week before the semester starts.
- If you postpone the classes, you should take classes the next semester.
- If you do not participate in the study and training already postponed once, your registration is automatically cancelled and tuition
  is not refunded. (Postponing more than once is not permissible.)
B. Cancel
- As far as unavoidable circumstances such as illness, natural disaster etc, if you can get permission from the Dean of the Language
  Education Center, you can cancel your registration.
- If you cancel registration, you are required to do it in person.
- If you cancel registration, according to the refund regulations, your tuition is refunded.
C. Refund
- Application fee is not refunded.
- Before classes begin : 100% of tuition fees
- Within one week after classes begin : 80% of tuition fees
- Within two weeks after classes start : 60% of tuition fees
- 2 weeks after classes start : non-refunded
- When you apply for a refund, your tuition receipt and the copy of remitter’s bank account are required.
  Contact us :
  Ju hee Kim (Ms)
Korean Language Program Coordinator
Language Institute 1F, Kyungpook National University
1370# Sankyuk-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu Korea
Post Code : 702-701
  T e l : +82-53-950-7535
  F a x : +82-53-950-6724
  E-mail :
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