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Section Phone Number Area of responsibility Details
Office of Academic Affairs 82-53-950-5074 School regulations Management of university regulations
Curriculum Development of the graduate school curriculum
Office of Admissions and Records 82-53-950-5082 Academic status Leaves of absences, returns, withdrawals, reapplications
82-53-950-5084 Records Records for students who visit the school, use the automated machines (on the first floor of the student services center), request records by mail or via the Internet (Click here to apply)
82-53-950-5091 Degrees and diplomas Develops exams for degree candidates and accepts theses/dissertations, awards degrees and diplomas
82-53-950-5092~3 Courses and grades Course schedule, course registration, grade management, credit recognition
sagju 82-54-530-1522 Courses, academic status, and records Course schedule, course registration, grade management, credit recognition, official records
Office of Student Affairs 82-53-950-6061~2 Internal and external scholarships Regulations regarding scholarships and how they are awarded
Tuition loans Manages loans made by the Korean Scholarship Trust
sagju 82-54-530-1512
Student IDs Accepts applications and issues student IDs
82-53-950-6810 Compensation for
university staff and students
Compensates those who are treated while doing work for the school
Office of Admissions 82-53-950-5071 Admissions Develop admission guidelines and choose graduate students to be admitted
Office of International Affairs 82-53-950-6091 Foreign Student
Manages foreign students applying to graduate school and exchange students
82-53-950-6823 Student Exchange
Student Exchange Program with Overseas Institutions
Office of Financial Affairs 82-53-950-5046 Tuition payments Collection of tuition payments
Cooperative Research Initiative
82-53-950-7046 KNU Academic Support Project Support for graduate student participation in academic life and awards for publishing outstanding research
82-53-950-7071 bk21 Project Scholarships for the bk21 Project
Office of General Affairs 82-53-950-5037 Car Parking on Campus Car Parking Permit Registration
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