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  Department of Music
The Department of Music was founded as the Department of Music Education in 1981, and changed to the Department of Music in the College of Arts in 1982. Since 1983, it has provided a major in Music Education in the Graduate school of Education, and since 1988 it has offered a Masters degree program. Since 2005, the Department has offered Ph.D. and D.M.A. courses with 11 professors and 80 lecturers. There are 260 students in the Bachelor Course, which consists of four majors: piano, voice, string and wind instruments, and composition, and 100 students who attend the Master’s program with its 5 majors: piano, voice, string and wind instrument, composition, and music theory. The Doctoral program offers 3 majors: piano, composition, and music theory. There is also a Graduate School of Music Education for students who major in Music Education. Up till now, 1500 students have graduated from the Department. Many of these are still studying abroad and playing active roles in well-known national and international music associations such as City Choruses and City Orchestras, in education institutes, and in middle schools, high schools and colleges.
In order to provide systematic theory classes and practical classes, the Department is equipped with private lesson rooms, classrooms for each major, a music resource room, a computer room, a wind and string instrument room and a concert hall. All the students attending the Department have a chance to perform in the Annual Concert, the Graduation Concert, and the Freshman Concert, as well as being able to participate in other various activities such as concerts and seminars.
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