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Changing your academic status Period of academic study, admission and early
Choosing and changing academic advisors Recognition of academic credit earned before
admission to a degree program
Foreign language exam Comprehensive exam
Registering for classes Adding and dropping classes
Errors in registration Managing exams
Checking your grades Earning credit for classes at other institutions
  Changing your academic status
 Dropping out / Withdrawing from the university
  Period : Whenever a student wishes to leave school permanently
  equired documents : Application form to withdraw from the university
  Submission procedure :
Fill out the application form →Get approval from the academic advisor and the college Dean → Get approval from the President via Department of Registrar department
  Return of tuition for students who discontinue studies
The amount of tuition returned/refunded will depend of the date of withdrawal (Please contact the accounting department at 053-950-5047 for more details)
 Forced withdrawal / Suspension
  The following students may be subject to forced withdrawal from the university
1) Students who don't pay tuition or apply for readmission after a period of leave
2) Students who are simultaneously admitted to two universities or degree programs
3) Students who do not earn enough credits within a required time period to qualify for a degree
    (Students who exceed to allocated study period)
4) Students who have been on academic probation three consecutive times
5) Students who have died
1) After 3/4 of the semester is finished: Students who haven't paid their tuition or students on leave
    who have not applied for readmission
2) After the grades are confirmed for the present semester : Students who have received their third
    consecutive academic probation
3) At the beginning of the semester: Students who have enrolled in two different universities or degree
    programs or those who have exceeded the maximum number of semesters in which to earn a specified
    number of credits.
 Reapplying to the university
  The following students may apply to the university again :
1) Students who have voluntarily withdrawn, as well as those who have been suspended for not paying tuition,
    not applying for readmission after leave or those who have been enrolled in two universities or degree
    programs at the same time.
2) When a year has passed since a student has received his/her third academic probation
※ Students prohibited from reapplying: Those who have exceeded the maximum study term in which to earn
   a specified number of credits and those forcibly expelled for misbehavior
  Availability : When there are vacancies in the department in February and August
                         (check the individual graduate school homepages for details)
  Required documents : Application form, Academic status certificate, and transcript
  Process :
Fill out application form → Get approval from the academic advisor and college Dean → Get approval from the department →Get approval from the President (via Registrar Department)
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